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Inquire with us above, to get a glimpse of what your Wedding Film will be!

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I'm not ONLY here to capture the BEST day of your life; I'm here to capture the FIRST day of a NEW BEGINNING

I get this question a lot,

"Do we really need a video of our wedding?"

My answer to that is simply "YES!"

I'm not just telling you that because I want you to invest in my services, but as a friend and as a professional who realized that this is something that people are missing out on!

I've seen people spend thousands of dollars on their photographer and try to find the cheapest deal that they can when it comes to a video. Frankly it is almost, if not more, important to have a well made film for your big day!


I know when someone thinks of a video they think of a home film shot on their parents tape recorder that is older than them, but when you invest in a FILM, you are getting a work of art that captures the most delicate of expressions and emotions. (Thats something that photos can't always capture)

Josh and everyone at Gerber Videography use the most advanced and updated equipment as well as the most unique and popular styles when capturing and editing your big day!

We can even capture stills and deliver them like photos so you'll have even more photos!

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